“High quality cutlery by craftsman”

NIKKEN has an inhouse factory.
The staff made cutlery using mechanical processing and hand finish one by one.
We can realize high tecnical manufacturing based on the long experience because our development team take charge of design and experimental production.

“High quality cutlery by craftsman”

“Exciting products”

We keep making cutlery which customer feels like using.Excellent sharpness, Made in Seki-city.


Swordmaking began in Seki in the Kamakura Era over 800 years ago. Seki’s reputation for swords that “Unbreakable, unbendable and cut cleanly” spread all over the country and it is said that during the Sengoku age of civil strife, Seki swords in particular were popular among the samurai.
Today, Seki enjoys a flourishing trade in kitchen knives, scissors, razors and other knives, and its products are popular worldwide for their sharpness.

(quoted from SEKI Sightseeing Guide)

  • 岐阜県関市
  • Name of swordsmith Kanehisa(Ken Yoshida)

    The name of swordsmith is Kanehisa
    (Ken Yoshida)