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Seki's reputation for swords that "unbreakable, unbendable and cut cleanly" spread all over the country.


Our products

Trend Goods

Function and Design

It's most suitable for interior miscellaneous goods and a gift.

Kitchen Scissors

Efficient Cooking

Kitchen scissors make our kitchen life enrich and sometimes more convenient than a kitchen knife.

Office Scissors

The authentic sharpness

These are the high-quality goods through which a traditional technique in Seki.

Craft Scissors

Confortable Cutting

These can also cut something stiff easily.

Tailor Scissors

Supporter of handicrafts

These scissors are used for handicrafts and cloth is cut easily.

Beauty Goods

Possibility to make beauty

These are the goods completed by delicate handwork carefully.

Dental Tools

Easy care in our mouth

We have a license for medical treatment which we produce the Dental tool required high quality.

The Others

Custom-making and The other cutlery

We accept custom-making about scissors and a letter opener.

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